About us

Abraham International is an IT company. We support our clients’ innovation and services through affordable industry solutions, modernization solutions, and operation management, which empower them to grow on dependable technology.

Our portfolio of solutions is intended toward digital transformation through staffing services, operation management, and cloud services while sustaining a superior compliance and security level. We always bring value to all our clients through various levels of involvement. Our dependable framework makes us an efficient partner to the small-and-medium businesses market and enterprises.

We have more than 12 years of delivering custom systems and we are backed up by veterans of the Israeli military unit (“8200” and “Ofek”).

We are a cloud-first firm. We invest in our people and resources to help our clients streamline and optimize their IT while lowering operational expenses. Presenting managed IT, Cloud, and Software services allow our clients to experience stability and growth in the workplace.

Our team and service delivery transformed throughout the years to cope with market changes and our client’s industry requirements. Fostering our expertise, solutions, and technologies define our skills and help us advance our client’s growth.

We help our clients to face a decrease in time to resolve and improved engagement by dedicating the best resources and people to our clients—factory in goals, business size, and industry.

Our Core Values

We Value Process

It is not only what we do but how we execute it. Our proven delivery methods, premium software, communication process, and hardware tools guarantee continuous results and customer satisfaction again and again.

We Value Purpose

Your peace of mind and security drive us to become better each day. Streamlining the complicated, saving you a considerable amount of money, and keeping ahead of rapidly transforming technology are the reasons we wake up every morning. We are your geeks with a cause.

We Value People

You always deserve the best. That’s why we have the best! In short, we care – each member of our team, from programmers, designers, project managers, automation QA to account managers, cares for you. We hire, train, and have the best-skilled team who are committed to putting your requirements first.

Do you have a software project in mind?

Let your dreams be bigger than your fears and your actions louder than your words.

Our strengths lie in using cutting edge technology and offering 24/7 bespoke services. Our team has a vested interest in the success of our firm. That success comes from providing you with the knowledgeable and timely expertise you need to keep your networks up and running.

We use technologies as soon as they’re accessible and are continuously seeking ways to help our clients enhance their system. Hence, you receive advanced techniques more shortly, boost productivity faster, and enjoy the perks of knowing that we were here when you needed us the most.

As new products come along or as your business grows, Abraham International will be there to help you upgrade as soon and efficiently as possible. We will follow you up with the best support and add any vital equipment wherever and whenever you need it.


Our goal is to provide project management experience and top-quality product delivery.


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