Specification & Prototypes

Prototyping is a vital service provided at Abraham International and an essential part of our development process. We will work on the user experience and strive to concentrate on the prototyping procedure’s horizontal dimension to offer a more expansive view of the system/idea/project.

Begin improving your software from the very beginning of the project and prevent expensive networking. Test your design, integrate your feedback, and test again until you accomplish that user experience. Repeat and find the ideal tech and development approaches before it is too late.

Project Management

Our project managers will commence the most challenging work of coordinating the working process to execute your concept. A project manager gets on board at any phase of the project. But the major success comes when your manager works with the team from the beginning of the project analysis and estimation.

Our project managers can control tasks and teams of IT staff via Jira software by connecting between the Sprints, Epics and Tasks directly to the Code of the developers. It makes the development process easy and smooth. As our client, you can follow the development stage easily by an interactive Dashboard. We utilize secure and honest project management daily, weekly and live reports to keep an eye on your project.

Software Development

We got you covered, whether it’s system integration, software support, technology consulting, quality assurance, and software engineering. We provide a healthy mix of profound tech expertise, mature, proven experience in a wide array of business domains to turn your business concept into reality.

Our team has been dealing with digital technologies for the benefit of startups, mid and big enterprises, and companies across various industries. Real estate, Social network, Automation Marketing, SaaS, White labels, Load balancing, AI, ML and more! We will help you create high-quality software products and solutions and provide an array of related professional services.

Software Automation Testing

Are you stressed from any new version? Unhappy with your automated test suites? It’s time to join Abraham International on board. You can trust us with your automation testing. We also have the knowledge and experience to guarantee your testing is done right the first time.

Our automation testing services will help your company test your applications throughout different platforms, wearable devices, browsers, devices, and media. We don’t leave a stone unturned to guarantee ultimate testing success.

But we do not merely stop there. We re-run each test with each new iteration of code. That enables us to make sure the application is free from any possible mistakes. When we determine errors, we isolate and why and how after.

Cyber Security

Companies often depend on their outsourced or internal IT team to offer security upgrades and advice. Often, they don’t specialize or have the time and funding to track your business. Abraham International works along with the existing IT team with setting up security-related defenses like DDos protection, Endpoint Protection, Firewalls, and Custom solutions backed by Israeli Cyber companies and so much more.

We will help you identify the vulnerable areas and find which risks could be mitigated and to accept while deliberately focusing on protecting the most vital areas. We are your one-stop cybersecurity team at your service!


It’s time to bridge the gap IT and the broader business by leveraging the full benefits of DevOps. Our dedicated and professional team partners with yours. We offer top-notch support exactly where you need it. We will unleash your team to drive focused innovation where it could present the most value to your business.

Our talented engineers execute automation technologies and load balancing techniques to make your cloud platform more responsive and adaptive. We can help lessen the overall cost of cloud based platforms.

Do you have a software project in mind?

Let your dreams be bigger than your fears and your actions louder than your words.


Our goal is to provide project management experience and top-quality product delivery.


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