Technical Expertise

High Load Systems

We take pride in our years of experience in establishing secure architectures, which can deal with high load. Our experts consider all the non-functional needs like scalability, suitability, reliability, performance efficiency, and combine them with our inclusive knowledge of database administration, cloud computing, and big data processing.

We create high-load systems with the exclusive appointment to support massive volumes of user requests. Such solutions are responsive and fast and executed with the best technologies. Our professionals offer high loads of event management applications, real estate, finance, social network, and banking, among others.

Business Intelligence

Make better business decisions with our Business Intelligence services. We can offer a centralized solution based on a single aspect of your technical needs or a total solution that covers the full lifecycle of your analytics/BI environment.

Our BI team can develop, design, plan, deploy, and optimize advanced Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence systems, which will enable you to drive your business with better decisions and better insights. You’ll have access to renowned consultants with over a decade of expertise in various performance areas.

Our advisors will benefit your business goals and the technical environment by applying their expertise with different applications.

Sophisticated Architecture

Today’s software architecture must be portable, flexible, and robust to various platforms. It must engage with third party products. Your architecture decisions will also influence your business outcomes and distinguish your flexibility.

Abraham International has been offering sophisticated software architecture services for years, from analysis to design, evaluation, and evolution services. Architecture is all about choice – what platform, standard, design pattern, frameworks, OOP and databases are most suitable for your organization. Our team will help you make smart choices, grounded on our proven processes and long experience.

Databases & Data Science

We also provide data science services that leverage AI and Machine Learning technologies to establish immense value technical solutions for customers worldwide. We execute end-to-end Big Data solutions and Data Science technologies such as Deep Learning, AI, and Machine Learning flawlessly baked into it.

We will allow your business to mix through petabytes of data to change data into knowledge, leading to improved revenue generation. Our data science services go above “business”. We understand what it takes to provide value for your business. We seek to establish enduring collaborations with our customers by offering value for money by converting data to money :)

Customer & User Experience

When serving the customer of the future, the solutions depend on being client-focused. It is not about executing technology to enhance customer experience, but it is all about running a business like a digital leader.

That means building a culture seeking to enhance customer experience always. We help you drive experience transformation, design and prioritize the customer experience. Abraham International supports you by merging deep customer insights along with full design capacities. We will help you present occasions, which makes you stand out in the market.

Finding Solutions

Technical terminology could be vague for an industry designed on specifications. For example, software consulting, IT services, and Business IT consulting might look self-explanatory and unique at first look. However, it could be challenging to determine where one ends, and another starts.

Cutting through the subtlety builds essential competitive distinctions from an IT point of view. It helps set vital customer expectations. A collaboration with a trusted and skilled IT team can help launch your business forward. For many years, Abraham International has been offering our clients with reasonable IT technology solutions. Challenge us!

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