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A well-planned platform which connects nowadays influencers to anyone who wants to advertise on the biggest platform, Instagram. An easy search & find tool to find the right influencer for your business when on the other hand a well-planned order-flow to be managed by the influencer. Supported by influence rate, and high details results for a campaign (auto scrapping your social profile to show real results of influencers companies). The system designed to answer all gaps in the new digital media world.

Main image concept: Connect between influencers to advertisers. We have a smart crawler to check how many followers you had before the story and after the story.

  • Catalog
  • Profile
  • Order show page
  • Influencer request list + order management

Social Advertising

Technical Stack

React, Next.js, Typescript, Laravel, Mysql, Redis




Our goal is to provide project management experience and top-quality product delivery.


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